Supetar Super Film Festival

Documentary film festivals.

In center of Supetar
14/07 – 18/07

Supetar Super Film Festival is a festival of documentary film that has been held 5 years in a row. The festival introduces documentaries with various topics from all over the world.

When is it: The festival beguines at the beginning for July and lasts for a week.

Where it is:  It takes place in Supetar.

Supetar summer

Cultural manifestation.

What is it: this is the biggest cultural manifestation on the island that lasts for three months and it includes exhibitions, concerts, folklore nights, poetry nights, plays and festivals that are organized on a daily basis.

When is it: Supetar summer begins June 20th and ends mid September.

Where is it: Supetar Summer festival is held in Supetar, Mirca, Škrip and Splitska.

Supetar Triathlon

Swimming, biking and running.

25. Aughust

What is it: It is a yearly sport event that gathers all triathlon fans that compete in three disciplines – swimming, biking and running.

When is it: The triathlon takes place the last Sunday in August.

Where is it: Contestants cover the area of Supetar and Škrip.


Urban music days.

Acapulco Beach, Supetar
30/07 – 02/08

What is it: this is an urban music festival that combines great music, atmosphere and beach side setting.

When is it: It begins at the beginning of August and last for 4 days.

Where is it: It takes place in Supetar.

Festival Island

Traditional dance, songs and exhibitions.

What is it: This festival presents the culture of living on the island through traditional dance, songs and exhibitions. The festival’s highlight is the competition of “klapa” songs performed by groups from nearby islands like Hvar, Šolta and Vis.

When is it: It takes place mid September.

Where is it: The festival takes place in Supetar.

International Summer festival

Unique island carnival event.

What is it: This is a unique island carnival event that lasts for seven days. In those seven days, the participants have an opportunity to be a part of the carnival games and contests, as well as tour the island with their hosts. Every year this festival attracts guest form all over the world.

When is it: It takes place mid September and lasts for 7 days.

Where is it: It takes place in Supetar.