Svpetrvs hotels believe in conducting their business activities in the way which respects the basic human rights and dignity of all people. The company is guided by the  internationally-recognized principles enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This Human Rights Policy applies to Svpetrvs hotels and at the same time the company encourages its business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt and nurture similar policies within their activities.

  1. Svpetrvs hotels are fulfilling their responsibilities to respect human rights by identifying any impact on these rights, caused or directly contributed by the company and providing remediation through legitimate processes.
  2. The company has no tolerance towards any form of harassment and discrimination whether it is based on race, sex, religion, nationality, social status, colour, age, disabilities, political opinion or any other basis, not only within the workplaces but also in all business relations. One’s qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience are the only criteria for employment or any other kind of hiring.
  3. Svpetrvs hotels respect freedom of association. Any employee has the right to join the labor union and she or he will therefore not be discriminated in any way or suffer intimidation or harassment. The company is committed to cooperate in good faith and constructively with legally recognized trade unions or works councils.
  4. The company ensures that the conditions of all workplaces meet the relevant health and safety regulations so that the risk of injuries and health risks are reduced to a minimum. The health and safety training, done by the professional, is provided for every employee depending on different workplaces.
  5. The company applies all applicable provisions regarding labour rights such as work hours, wage, overtime, vacation etc. The employees are taught about their rights as well as obligations through labour contracts, internal rulebook, notice board and their managers.
  6. All forms of forced labour and human trafficking are strictly prohibited by the company’s policies.
  7. An individual who is under 18 ( minor) can not be employed in jobs that may threaten her or his safety, health, morals or development.
  8. The company respects and protects children’s rights from all forms of abuse, especially forms of sexual abuse. All employees are instructed to immediately report any suspicious behaviour that could be recognized as inappropriate in any way, so are the people ( guests, suppliers, sub-contractors etc.) with whom the company has business relations.
  9. Svpetrvs hotels reserve the right to amend this Human Rights Policy at any time.


Svpetrvs hotels gives high value to operating our business  to a high degree of ethical, social and environmental responsibility, therefore we have joined tin the 2013 the Travelife association – an initiative for sustainable tourism.

In order to achieve sustainability we commit to the following objectives:

  1. Ensure ongoing education for our staff so that they are fully aware of our sustainability policy and that they are committed to implementing and improving it.
  2. Educate our guests in order to encourage them to adopt sustainable management practices but also to raise awareness.
  3. Establish action plans on sustainability practice with a regular and consistent monitoring system.
  4. Integrate sustainability practices into all our operations and business decisions.
  5. Inform all our suppliers  of our Environmental Policies and will monitor their performance to ensure that the goods and services they provide meet our environmental criteria
  6. As a part of Travelife association we commit on achieving the Travelife Gold award standards.

We commit to do the following changes:


  • We ensure that all purchased heavy and light equipment is rated as energy efficient (gradeA)now and in a future
  • We are working on increasing our energy efficiency through cooperation with Fond for environment preservation on building façade
  • We will use lightning system LED and CFL flourescent tube retrofits.
  • We will continue with further installation of solar panels in our resort.
  • Ensure all staff as well as guests are trained as appropriate in energy conservation


  • Gardens are irrigated from the waste water form the pools.
  • To reduce water consummation on more acceptable level we are using automatic pressure regulators together with usage of percolator facet. Water is enriched with air, so water consumption is reduced.
  • Accommodation taps and showers will be equipped with automatic water flow restrictions for even better regulation


  • Minimize the use of paper and plastic for our staff and our guests.
  • We will continue to work on recycling and reusage of old paper
  • We are purchasing as much as possible of packaged products in bulk and we will work with suppliers to  reduce packaging and transportation.


  • When buying the greenery we focus on buying the plants that are native to our island, like for example, olive trees. That way we preserve the natural habitat of the island.
  • We are working on sea  protection, in 2015 our beaches became White flag beaches.


Svpetrvs hotels believe in supporting sustainable business endeavors in the local community. We are committed to support a wide range of local community initiatives and events which have social and environmental benefits. We have a long tradition of supporting our local people, whether through the employment opportunities, promoting the local products in our shops or local artists through setting the art shows on our sites.

Our focus:


Employees working conditions are very important to Svpetrvs hotels and that is why we ensure a good working atmosphere, consistent communication and above all safety on job in accordance with the law.

Svpetrvs  hotels gives advantage, when it comes to employment opportunities, to our local people. This increases the likelihood of money being spent in our local community and it keeps people from leaving the island in searching the job opportunities. We also work with schools to give job training opportunities to students in our hotel.


Svpetrvs hotels purchases and promotes products from the local area. Whether buying the seasonal fruits from the local people or promoting their products in our souvenir shops we participate in the development of local businesses.


Svpetrvs hotels gives free access to our local people to or beach and our spa. We also have a project for building a football playground for one of our local club for which we have donations also.