Welcome to Island Spa

Island Spa is the best place for pure indulgence. Come back from your vacation looking better than ever.

We created perfect treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind. In all of our treatment, we use local herbs like lavender, rosemary and orange blossoms to provide your body and soul the best experience.

Try some of our signature treatments like:

  • Glow by Island Spa – facial
  • What wrinkles? – facial
  • In vino veritas – body treatment
  • Orange blossom – body treatment
  • Happy orange blossom – body treatment
  • Island Spa signature manicure/pedicure with OPI nail polish
  • French affair manicure/pedicure nail polish


If you wish to purify your body and mind, nothing is more detoxifying as an aromatherapy massage. Increase your mind and body balance, improve your mood and get rid of all that tension.

Choose one (or all) of our massages:

  • Reflexology feet massage
  • Reflexology face massage
  • Partial/ whole body massages
  • Lymph deep tissue massage

Location of Island Spa

Located on the first floor of Hotel Kaktus, Island Spa offers great treatment in a relaxing setting.

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