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WATERMAN FORUM – Meetings & Congress Venue


Have you ever fantasized about your next business trip?

Take a moment and imagine yourself in the scenario where closing business deals,
networking and face-to-face interactions with your key partners or your colleagues
sounds like something you genuinely look forward to.
Maybe you haven´t experienced anything similar so far, but this is exactly the
concept of business travel Waterman strives to deliver to its business travelers.
When talking about leisure travel, we usually travel to discover new places, to learn
more about the points of our interest, to bond with our travel partner or simply – to
meet new people. Similar to leisure travel, in business travel our key motifs are
pretty much the same.
We travel to deepen our knowledge, to learn more about the points of our
interest, to bond with our colleagues and key costumers (interaction &
networking) and finally,  to close business deals.
Waterman Forum nurtures the business model which enables you to accomplish the
above-stated goals in the smoothest way as possible and allows you to uncover
new opportunities that wouldn’t arise otherwise.
Waterman Forum Convention Center is located in the heart of the Waterman
Svpetrvs Resort.

It’s a polyvalent space that the client can use for different purposes, from the
organization of congresses, conferences, events, banquets or wedding celebrations.

Waterman offers varied meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 380
people for different kinds of social gatherings, conferences, incentives, events, and

The combination of a business trip and a vacation is what makes Waterman’s
congressional offer special.
– Easily adaptable and modern meeting rooms
– High-tech conference room equipment
– An Expert Event Planner
– A wide range of culinary delicacies to choose from
– Homecoming feeling
Waterman does not only offer a venue, but Waterman also offers expert
assistance in event planning, impeccable service, attention to detail and most
importantly, Waterman creates a perfect environment for your special event.
When it comes to MICE and business travel in Waterman, we are always talking
about the blend of business and leisure.
MICE department contact: events@watermanresorts.com

 WATERMAN FORUM FINAL-01Make your Business Travel Feel like a Vacation