6. April 2018. Author: Jan Niejadlik Photograph Antonio P.

Experience the unique island lifestyle and embrace all of its virtues

The close connection between Waterman and sport began a long time ago, from the very first moment Waterman opened its doors. 20 years ago, Waterman hosted the famous tennis school Tarjan from Straubing, for the first time. Both young tennis professionals and their tennis coaches fell in love with Supetar which turned out to be a perfect setting for their tennis training and preparations for tournaments, both mentally and physically.

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Supetar offers great weather with warm summers and mild, moist winters – conditions that perfectly sum up the Mediterranean climate of its surrounding countryside, mountains and coastline. Supetar boasts the ideal open-air conditions for year-round tennis or any other sport supported by favorable Mediterranean climate. Besides its natural preconditions, there are countless reasons why you should consider Waterman as your “active vacation” spot. A few highlights worth mentioning are 6 tennis courts, 7 indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, jacuzzi, and Island SPA center with treatments to finally rejuvenate your body and mind as a well-deserved reward after your workout.


The tennis club is definitely not the only sports partner Waterman has. There are many yoga and fitness groups from all over the world coming to indulge in all perks Waterman treats its guest with.

Furthermore, for the two years now, Waterman is one of the biggest fans and key sponsors of the Croatia Women’s National Rugby Team. This year, for the second time, Waterman hosts their preparation for the European Rugby Championship which will take place in Zagreb, on 9th and 10th of June. We truly believe ladies will take advantage of all Waterman´s facilities to get in shape and eventually beat all competition! Ladies, we are having our fingers crossed, and rooting for you! 🙂


In today’s hectic world, it is difficult to find a pre-match mental and physical preparation that works for you, but in Waterman you might! 🙂