Svpetrvs Hotels are committed to giving the highest priority to the health and safety of the guests, employees and all parties affected from our operations. This may not always be apparent on the surface, but you would notice it if something were to happen. To us, safety means preparedness, and we know to act in undesirable situations. We expect our staff, contractors and guests to share this commitment by complying with our policies and to understand that they also have legal and moral obligations to themselves and to others.

Aims & Objectives

At Svpetrvs Hotels we work hard to provide a relaxed and safe environment. Safety considerations are a part of our daily work. This policy document is prepared to outline the following health and safety aims and objectives.

Fire safety:

  • We carry out controls of the evacuation routes, fire equipment, fire alarm system as per legal an our system requirements
  • All our employees are trained for use of the fire-fighting equipment
  • All our employees are trained for fire evacuation drill and this training is repeated regularly
  • We have our own emergency team for fire situations that may appear in any place

Emergency Cases:

  • We have emergency operation plans for various emergency cases and they are announced on staff boards
  • There are at least 2 first aiders per shift in the hotel who are able to provide assistance in any health emergency until the arrival of the ambulance.

Labor safety

  • We provide , manage and maintain a work environment which is reasonably practicable, safe and where risk to health are controlled
  • We provide adequate and appropriate facilities and arrangements for welfare at work
  • We ensure that our staff are fully trained in their responsibilities and given all appropriate information, training, equipments and supervision in their tasks

Food & Hygiene Safety:

  • We will strictly follow the guidelines of HASSAP for food & hygiene safety
  • We will provide the necessary organization , expertise and resource for the inspection and auditing procedures to ensure that there is effective management of food and hygiene safety throughout the property
  • The target on health and safety held by SGH is scoring above 90%


  • We remain alert to keep an eye out for things that seem not be ordinary and we carry out risk assessments in all hotel areas with a frequency relevant to their harm
  • We carry out preventive maintenance of our buildings and equipment for continuous safe environment

Where there are no existing policies or guidance, we expect our staff and contractors to meet the highest relevant standards and comply with relevant legislation. Where no standards exist, we will work with our staff to develop systems which comply with best practice and eliminate or minimize the risk so far as reasonably practicable.

All members of the Management Board are committed to this policy and to the implementation and maintenance of the highest standards of health, safety and welfare across the Company. We expect every member of the Company to share this commitment and to work together to achieve it.

Hotel Manager